Zagora to Boumaine Dades 220 kms

Pit Stop ( 29th April) 220 kms

Mat” Arriving near Zagora, I was really tired and my back was aching more and more…We rode around town, enough to see it is a posh area. We ended in a camping and were given mosquito nets (necessary as the area is built on swamps). We checked the local “dakar specialist repair shop” and the boss came the morning after on his mopped himself to drag us into his garage, which was all right. 50 dr. for a quick but useful service: air filter, chain and all cleaned, plus the tube repaired free. The guy tried to sell an expensive tire to Jon, who refused. After checking when back home, this dakar special stuff is the same price here, so…but we don’t need a 150 euros tire. I had bought our 2 back tires for 10 euros at “la bourse moto de Sesquieres”, the D903 was new, but in fact the used Michelin enduro-cross did well as well.”

service time

The following morning we took our bikes in for a wash, filter clean and chain lube.

pressure wash

hey watch out my luggage is still on there!!

air filter

I think the service interval was a timely one!!


shiny and new

Like new bikes!! I had to convince the owner of this garage that two lots of fuel at around 5 euros each don’t add up to 15euros!!!

english bikers

We ran into these english guys who also were following Chris’s Scott routes and I have since spotted have their own ride report up on ADV rider.

sandy roads

after the dunes a bit of sand on the road wasnt too much to worry about but kept us on our toes!

mat looking serious

After nearly ten days on the road together I think Mat wanted to kill me!

Mat” then I really felt the tiredness; i was afraid that my back would not stand any more riding…but it was the sand session that killed me, because of the lifting up the bike constantly. nevertheless, I took extra care and it went OK for the rest. I wonder until what age I will be able to do this kind of trip???  When I think of the germans we met…”

Mat standing on pegs

Mat riding Dakar stylie!!

me and shades

someone looks like he’s enjoying himself!

mat and more kids

Mat thinks he recognises another of his illegitimate children from his previous visit!

another track side cafe!

Another road side cafe!

MH3 i think!

Mat”rocky sections: Jon loves them as much as I hate them…he says keep on full throttle! But I know it’s a dodgy trick to see my face on the ground.”


more great views

more great views!!

me waving

This was a great trail!!


Another long dusty day!! I lend you my fanel later Mat!


Mat”arriving back in the Dades gorges we decided to pay another visit to Pierta’s (and boy-friends). We arrived at dark under the rain, completely naked (i hope you mean soaked Mat – I dont think I was naked!!) and wet, without front lights…needless to mention I really was fed up at that moment. Anyway they didn’t expect anyone that night and all felt depressed. But we had the opportunity to get (undercover and by backchich, going through dodgy streets, bad kitchen, giving codes, swearing lots…) 2 bottles of wine!!! Local wine please. So we drunk and they felt like entertaining us while we wanted nothing else but sleeping, with the unavoidable “musique berbere”; Which happened to be really loud with the 2 bongos/congas/whatever. I was stoned and felt like hitting the sack by walking before I had to crawl there. At the end of the second (and long) set my hears couldn’t stand any more (i think it was good sound though, but I was too tired to appreciate) then I stood up and shook hands as a thankyou. i left them no choice. But Jon slowly “woke up” and it took him a quarter of hour to be able to walk to the bedroom. He thought he had an acid comeback (jonny – flashback I guess?) ! I couldn’t help laughing. That was all so strange, this evening.”


Yes we finally ended this day back at Petra’s in the Gorge de Dades. It was a rather interesting evening as Mat describes above! And Petra had fixed her generator so we had electricity this time!!





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