Tafraoute to Merzouga 130 kms

Some serious sand! (26th April) around 130 kms

After a very long day previously we were glad to have a slightly shorter leg today! We slept well that night at Kem Kems and would certainly recommend this Auberge. It is obviously a favorite stopping point for offroaders and off-road tour companies judging by the stickers and flyers on the walls.

Auberge at Tafourate

Feche FecheWe set of from Kem Kems around 10:30 and hit the trails (MS6) for Merzouga. The first 20kms were easy going – fairly hard tracks with a few sandy patches. We then hit the “feche feche” shortly after this section and basically it was like driving through flour!! Really quite tricky at the time!! It’s during these sections that we wished we could have lost our rear luggage – it would have been fun if this was possible!!

local garge and resto!

Garage, shop, cafe they had it all here!

Fuel stop


The “feche feche” lasted about 6kms and just on the other side there was a small cafe / filling station where we refilled the usual way!! After the refuel the tracks were far better. The were a few Auberges dotted along the route so we stopped for a quick omlette type lunch and then hit the tracks.

the obligatory camel shot!

the obligatory camel shot!

we arrived at the erg chebbi!

We arrived at the Erg Chebbi! Fantastic site and couldn’t wait to get into the sand so we didn’t!!  mat enjoying the view

sand dunes for miles and miles !

in the sand

so Kevin where exactly did you leave the car!!

me sitting in sand

In the sand! Im not helping much am I ………………!

HotelWe  soon realised that things would be far more fun once we dropped the excess luggage! So the hunt was on for an Auberg!!
The trouble with Merzouga is there are dozens of Auberges dotted around and we were guided here there and every where by touts on peds trying to get our business. In the end we opted for this hotel with the pool – rather luxurious but we felt like we deserved it!! And the owners seemed pretty laid back.


Another rather plush hotel call Raid Mamouche but well deserved!

We paid equivalent of 20 euros per person per night which included breakfast and evening meal!! Not bad really!! And we managed to get hold of some beers near-by!!


Mat has a few comments about accommodation around the dunes so check his posts!










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