El Kebab to Boumaine Dades 287 kms

First Day on Trails (24 April)   287 km includes 30km to El Kebab

We found ourselves at the El Kebab filling station around 10 am. The start of the M2 track which we thought would be trail!  Most the morning was spent on tarmac!! Despite this it was still good to be on our bikes  instead of cramped up in the “taxi van!!” and the scenery was fantastic. I don’t know how long this section has been tarmaced for but from the state of the road I guess not long.

me xr drz

After while, Mat ( I think) was beginning to loose confidence in my promise of finding these  trails and so he decided to have a play in a partially dried out river bed. It look liked fun so I followed!! Which was nearly a very costly mistake – it was quite rocky and I hadn’t really yet got to grips with my fully laden XR in the rocks – I had a little off almost straight away and got my leg caught between the bike and a rock.  I felt it bend a little too much – luckily another rock stop the bend beyond the point of no return!!

Mat came and pulled the bike off me!! I found my leg was ok but I had broken the clutch holder which was annoying but I had two more of these in stock! I do make a habit of breaking these! Anyway with clutch holder fixed and a slightly bruised leg we were on our way – I was annoyed at myself for this type of “tom foolery” before we even hit the real trails – I decided to avoid this type of unneccessary risk taking after all we were going to find tricky enough sections en route and well I now had only one spare clutch holder!!

After a bit more tarmac we hit Imichill, a very laid back Moroccan town, were we met up with some other 4X4ers and a lone biker. We ate some barbecued chicken cook by the local kids, paid well over the odds and made tracks.

After Imichill we carried on on the tarmac for a short while towards Agoudal and then took MH1 trail – at last some real trails – well roads to the Moroccans but no tarmac in site!! Just dirt tracks!! Stunning scenery!! We were having fun now!! And eating up some miles on these tracks!!

This was just the type of stuff we needed to get us used to riding our laden machines in the dirt!! Nothing challenging but lots of loose stuff to get our back ends sliding a bit! Not long after the MH3 junction the track turn back into tarmac – we were tired and it was starting to get dark so we started to look for somewhere to stay in the Gorge du Dades.

We soon found Chez Petra’s. It was an Auberge with a Nomad tent outside for the more adventurous at heart! Mat liked this idea so that was that – we stayed here in the tent. We were fed well and look after by Petra (a french lady) and her well – couldn’t work out if they were workers or her toy boys but never the less they were good fun. Despite being the only guests and the lack of electricity (the generator cut out every five mins) we decided if we came back this way we drop in again!! Cheers Petra and guys!!

I woke up early in the morning to try to fix Petra’s generator which was her only means of electricity for the Auberge – I didn’t succeed but I felt like at least I had tried to do my good dead for the day!! And him above would watch out for us in return!!

I did discovered on our return trip the it was a dodgy spark plug that was causing the generator problem!



Auberge and Camping and Restaurant chez Petra and Moha

Km 32 Gorge du Dades

I think we paid 300 dirhams per person for food and nomad tent – this is about 20 quid each and we did eat well. Starter plus big Tagine pus fruit for pud!

There were rooms inside which weren’t actually a lot more. Electricty was a bit hit and miss and relied on small geny but for a one night stop no problems.

email: npietra@yahoo.fr




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  1. 3 at Petra’s (wasn’t it Pierta?) One hawkeyes can spot we had some red wine carried around, very useful in this country.The price was 200 each in fact (and 300 in total the second time) Anyway they moved out of this place shortly after, so no need for advertising…I think there is a pic of me in front of a nice plate this evening.

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