Boumaine Dades to Tafourate 270kms

A very long day ( 25th April) 270 kms

After a rather long fuel stop at Boumaine Dades due to a power cut we eventually hit the trails again – Mat very soon pulled to a sudden stop and decided to throw up his mint tea!


Making tracks

We took the MH5/MH10 trail which initially was big wide tracks and very easy-going until we got close to Tizi n Ouli-Ousir.

kidWe were constantly mob by kids asking for bon-bon, stylos or simply our money!! If we stopped anywhere then sure enough some kids would emerge from behind rocks or come running from the nearest village! This little guy did seem to recognise Mat!! Maybe a love child from his previous visit!!

winding road

lots of roads like this before Tizi Ouli

the rocky bit

Up and around Tizi Ouli things got difficult and the fun began. There really were some very rocky trails and I was just happy I had bought the xr and not the africa twin for this trip!! Soon after getting through this tricky section we arrived at Alnif were we stopped for a quick bit to eat. Our intentions where to arrive at Oum Jrane for the evening. That was the idea any way!!

barren land

After  Alnif the terrain changed quite dramatically. We found ourselves on much flatter and less rocky trails. Often the only way of knowing we were on a trail was that  the GPS told us so – and the occasional track mark!


For some reason I didn’t have the  Oum- Jrane GPS location so we followed what we thought was the right trail!! As time went on it was clear that Oum Jrane wasnt where we thought it was and some how we’d manage to ride on right past it. It was starting to get dark and the GPS did tell us that there was an Auberge only a few clicks away so no problem we thought!!

getting dark!

What it didn’t mention that these last few kms was through sand and feche feche!! As yet me and Mat hadn’t ridden in sand and now we were force to in the dark. It soon became apparent that even though we only had 5kms or so to go we were really going to struggle to ride this in the dark. I didn’t have trails in the GPS for this section and only knew that as the crow flies there was an Auberge 5kms away. We soon began to think that we would be spending our first night in the desert. Just as we had nearly thrown in the towel. A 4 x 4 appeared from nowhere  – it was the owner of the Auberge !! He was driving back from a local village! He knew his way through the dunes and following him we were soon back were we wanted to be – well in an Aurberge – just in the wrong village!!

well earned tagine!!

after being rescued from the desert we were well looked after at Kem Kems – this is a dish called a Kalia. That night there was a massive sand storm that kept us awake! We just thought how lucky we weren’t still out there!!


Auberge Hamada Kem-Kem

GPS N:30 40 17 W:04 41 45

Tafraoute !!





One Response to “Boumaine Dades to Tafourate 270kms”

  1. Tip of the day: Do NOT drink a 20 dr. tea à la menthe in a petrol station while waiting for the electricity to come back in the whole area…you may puke it back shortly after…
    I came to Morocco in 2004 and actually this kid seemed to recognize me…hum, that could match in fact, although he is a bit dark…
    As the night came, we were kind of lost in our first dunes…I was really tired and wanted to sleep there in the desert (a new experience). I’m so glad we didn’t try this option as came the guy in his Land Rover. He actually saved us as this very same night was a very bad storm. Wind and horizontal sand all over. We would have been covered under a dune…Jon didn’t hear anything that night…I walked out to check if the bikes were still standing and couldn’t open an eye. The morning after all was very clear! A near miss.

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