One last (non CS) day 100 ish kms

Last day ( 2nd May) about 100 kms

Mat has written the  commentary for this page and it is posted at the bottom.

This was a day where we simply set off from our hotel in Khenifra unload and found our own tracks!! It turned out to be one of the best days and some of the trickiest riding!!

The springs

We found these natural springs not far from Khenifra

Like the pose!

He’s a natural!

Mat and school

Mat has a box of pens and books that he and colleagues collected. He gave some to this school and later some of the local kids.

Some good tracks

Some non Chris Scot trails!!

Friendly locals

We met these guys up in the hills – very friendly people who invited us in for a mint tea!

Some locals

Mat handed out some more pens to these guys!

T pee

T pee



Locals House

The  Local’s House

Fallen trees

We were told this trail was impassable!! So we took it!! And after a few minutes work with my fake leatherman we had soon cleared a way through!!

Rocky trail

A rather rocky trail – I had at least one off trying to negotiate these trails at speed!

Two beautiful beasts!!

Two beautiful beasts!! Although Id chose the sexy lady in the foreground anyday – sorry Mat!!

We've made it!!

We’ve made it!!


We packed up that evening – had a few beers in the bar and hit the road early next morning!!




2 Responses to “One last (non CS) day 100 ish kms”

  1. As I took a full cardboard of pencils and notebooks, collected from my company collegues, I wanted to deliver the items to some remote schools. We were well accepted but it was a sunday, so schools were unfortunately closed…Nevertheless we did our deed and I hope it was not all sold back on the local markets…We ended up in the wild forest and had lunch, hosted by a local family. very interesting to see the house from the inside. they had a cell phone though. It was good to ride again without all the gear. We had some fun riding fast between the trees, a bit dangerous, but this was the last riding day. So back on the last bit of tarmac I felt like riding supermoto style, sticking to Jon’s ass (he had no mirrors) and he didn’t appreciate that at all, thinking I was about to overtake while he was about to. That wasn’t my intention. He got cross at me as I surprised him by eating his back wheel. for me it was just the last minute fun. Anyway we went for a beer at the hotel disco, which happen to be the “hot spot” in town, but only for fat piggies. there were some girls sitting around a table, marked “réservé” on it…

  2. we never found out if it was the table or girls that were reserved!!

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